Operating in Ones’ Assignment

Fear has a way of stopping us from moving forward. It literally cripples us and can stop us in our tracks. Have you ever watched a really good scary movie? I mean, I’m not really into horror flicks, but I know some people who are die hard horror flick fans. Not sure how they do it. But any way, there’s’ always one particular character the writers set up. The character will have a back story, everything will seem okay and then out of no way the bad guy will pop up terrorizing everyone. This is how fear operates. Because of the way fear presents itself, it stops us from fully operating in the assignment that God has for us. Whether it be the assignment that we have for our lives or assignments that we’re given to do throughout our life.

You may ask the question; how does one begin operating in their assignment? Well, I have a few pointers.

  1. Skip out on Fear, because fear is crippling. It will cause you to stop functioning in the assignment God has for you.
  2. Trust God. He knows exactly what he’s doing when he tells you to do something.
  3. Get a Mentor. Walking fully in what God calls one to do takes boldness, but it also requires getting some guidance.
  4. Act on what it is you need to do.

The thing about assignment, is that it eventually has a due date. Once the due date comes around, we have to answer to the teacher about the work that we’ve put into it. Honoring and operating in our assignment means that we never know the lives that we may impact. It also means that eventually, we will have to answer to God. What will you reason be for not doing your assignment? Will it be the equivalent to the famous one liner teachers hate hearing in school, “the dog ate my homework?”. What will your answer to god be about not doing what he has instructed you to do?

The reality of it all is that what we do for God and in our everyday lives matter. Skip out on fear, trust God, Get’chu a mentor love, and act on the fire you feel on the inside. Deuces!

By Sasha Ifan